About Nootkabear

Are you talkin to me?


We live in Historic Stone Mountain, Georgia with our “kids” at J & J Ranch

People are always curious about what a Nootkabear is. Actually Nootkabear is the combination of Janet McDonald and James Stegeman a/k/a “we”, “us”, etc.

It takes two human persons to make one Nootkabear.

NootkaBear (deceased), our beloved first… A true thief, camera-ham. He loved to make people laugh. At his healthiest, weighed around 325 pounds. A sweet gentle giant.

Honiahaka Waiting


HoneyBear is 5.5 years old, she weighs around 200 pounds. Waptake will be her mate. It took three years to get Waptake. We lost NooktaBear when HoneyBear was barely two years old. She waited a long time for a mate. And I waited a long time for a baby-boy. The wait was worth it!

Lil Man Takee is 21 weeks old. At 8 weeks old he weighed around 40 pounds, he is going to be a very big boy.

We knew nothing about civil litigation until we were thrust into the legal world by corrupt Probate Court Clerk Jeryl Rosh, who went on to be elected Judge two years after the fiasco began. The Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit is one of the most corrupt in the country as far as I have been able to determine. (Jeryl Rosh, County Guardian John C. Joyner, Superior Court Judge Linda Warren Hunter, attorney Robert Edwin Turner)

We were forced into a Pro Se litigate situation because the attorneys we had dealt with were all crooks (Hicks Law Firm / Pattie J. Williams) They milked us for every cent they could, while allowing a frivolous, vexatious litigation drag on without a Plaintiff (Plaintiff passed away and a Personal Representative could not be appointed). Ms. Williams refused to file Motion to Dismiss, refused to file other documents showing that the suit was frivolous, and refused to file Motions while sitting back collecting a lot of money from us. The case should have ended right after it began, but two and a half years later and only two days before Jury trial was to begin, the opposition decided they wanted to settle. Since that time, we have taken matters into our own hands, we figured “what the hell, we can’t do any worse” than the corrupt attorneys had done.

We have over 170 of our documents posted at: http://www.scribd.com under NootkaBearMcDonald. Click on the “View my profile on Scribd link below. We also have documents at: http://www.docstoc.com under NootkaBearMcDonald.

Check us out on Facebook, Plaxo, MySpace, LinkedIn, as well as many other social networks.

Join us in our fight to get corruption out of the Courts, to rid society of corrupt judges, to fight for The Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution and what the founding fathers intended this county to be!


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